Mr. Healdsburg Pageant
Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:30pm

Just a Bunch of Clowns!

THE ZANY fundraiser they've all been talking about...
An all-male parody of the event everyone loves to hate: the anachronistic beauty contest. Come watch local gentlemen vie for the (plastic) crown by competing in all the usual categories: beachwear, formalwear, talent, and interview. This is a FUNDRAISER for the Raven, and your votes (with $$$) help determine the finalists.


Enjoy watching the recorded video of
Mr. Healdsburg 2017.

Part 1
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Aaron Hitt, Mr. Bamboozeled

Aaron is a wine educator at Lambert Bridge. As if that isn’t cool enough, he’s also a 5-time Hbg co-ed softball champion on the Bamboozelers. He loves golf at Tayman, but likes the happy hour and oysters even better after his round on the course. He considers himself a local barfly, and he DJs local events. He’s daddy to two boys, ages 14 & 11.


Brian Crabb, Mr. Fuego

That’s right, this 911 dispatcher was just annointed Healdsburg’s Firefighter of the Year. An all-around good guy, he also volunteers with the Healdsburg Library and Healdsburg Little League Baseball. For the ultimate adventure, he once took a five weeks solo bicycle trek in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.Tonight’s all-female roster of judges is nothing new to him – his four siblings are all girls, so having a bunch of females judge him is old news.



Tony Correia,
Mr. Author

Personal Banker (for Exchange Bank) by day, novelist by night. He just finished writing a romance tale, Forever Road. In fact, if you order one now, he’ll give a cut of the proceeds to the Raven! Tony has made the most of his educational opportunities; He’s got a BA from UCSB (graduated top of his class!) plus six AAs, in economics, global studies, social sciences, communication, natural sciences, humanities. He’s thisclose to qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

Drew Damskey,
Mr. 4GetMeNot

Drew runs his family’s Palmeri wine brand. He also consults as a winemaker to help people make their own brands run better. He’s a shellfish enthusiast and back in 2013 he even made a New Year resolution to always have his oyster knife, glove, football, and portable speaker so he could spontaneously go to the coast, grab a sack of oysters and toss the football around. We’re not sure if it’s considered spontaneous if you pack all your gear in preparation, but we’ll take his word for it.


Eli Lucas,
Mr. Sexysexyman

Eli says, “Not only do I want to rock & roll all night, but ... I also party Ev-er-y day!” And apparently he’s qualified – he’s played drums for some raucus metal bands. He’s serious about more than music – he’s a don’t-mess-with-me vegan too. Eli likes challenging the norm, so look for him to be a bit outrageous wherever he goes.

Jesse Malvesti,
Mr. Foodiewineguy

Jesse is all that his title suggests – a real wine junkie, and works in Hospitality and Sales at David Coffaro. But this ambitious dude is also a full-time grad student. The apple of his eye is his delightful 10-yr-old daughter. He spent 20 years in the US Coast Guard, and is a former Military chef. Sorry, ladies – this handsome single dad is set to change that status.

Lance Ozanix,
Mr. Skitzo

Yup, the same musician you’ve been listening to, watching, or hearing about for years! He started his first band as a Healdsburg teenager, and he’s still serving up headbanger music for Sonoma County and beyond. He was one of the first musicians to play the Raven stage when the theater became a nonprofit organization back around the turn of the century. And now here he is again, sharing his mad metal skills for this brief moment. Then again, there’s his oh-so-sweet side... but that’s another story.



MR HEALDSBURG 2016 - Phillip Rea


Watch the full 2016 show: or just listen to the winner's talent competition.
Twenty-three-year-old Phillip Rea, a precocious Bear Republic employee, set the tone for the evening with a hilarious original song, “That’s Just Healdsburg.” The lyrics riffed on every local hot topic, from parking and tourism challenges to bicycles on Dry Creek Road.



(Even our beloved Mr. Healdsburg recognizes that Healdsburg is evolving! From now on he's trading in his beachwear for formalwear. He's keeping his corny charm intact though!)

2016: Phillip Rea
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