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Sep 22 - Oct 8
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Adultery and murder are in the air. But we will soon learn that all is never as it seems in this electrifying – and hysterical – game of trickery and misdirection! A Raven Players production.
AAUW Forum: Legends
Oct 10 - Nov 14
Forum fall 2017 season: Legends of History: Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, Churchill
AAUW Forum: Rock & Roll
Oct 12 - Nov 16
Forum fall 2017 season: History of Rock & Roll, The Golden Years 1955–75
The English Beat
Fri Oct 13
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The English Beat's sound is a driving blend of ska, punk, rock and reggae that's made for dancing.
Habib Koité & Bamada
Mon Oct 30
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Called "Mali's biggest pop star" by Rolling Stone — a modern troubadour with extraordinary appeal combining rock and classical techniques with Malian tunings.